I can't bemember where I hood the 'mote.

As King was learning to talk, he would invariably mispronounce words and then I would correct him - most of the time. But there were some variations he would come up with that I actually preferred, or more likely, as a mother, thought were just too darn cute. I didn't want to let these words go, lost forever to Ms. Diction, the buttoned-up mistress swacking her stick saying "it's chi-pote-LAY, dear, not chi-pote-EL". So I wouldn't correct these words, in fact, I would start using them myself, actually trying to reinforce them, hoping they'd stick around just a little bit longer. Alas, they are all gone now, but here are a few of my favorites.

'puter (poo-ter): computer; as in "Mama's going to give you a cookie, so you'll let me stay on the 'puter longer."

hopticopter (hop-te-copter): helicopter (This one was just fun to say.)

'mote: remote control; as in "find me the 'mote, so I don't have to get off my lazy ass to change the channel."

hood: hid; as in "Where is the 'mote? I hood it." (This one actually drove me crazy, but took forever to correct. A few wires crossed, I guess.)

backset: basket; as in "I want to be a backsetball player when I grow up."

bemember (bah-member): remember; as in --"Where did you hood the 'mote?" -- "I don't bemember." (He actually still uses this one.)

I'm sure there are more, but I am surprised I bemembered as many as I have. If I were a good mother I would have written them down in his baby book as soon as he said them. But neither of my children have even the beginnings of a baby book, so if I think of any more I'll add them here.