The Curse.

When I read the story of "The Fall of Man" in the Bible and the curses God put on man and woman, I really didn't think they were that bad. Pain in childbirth... annoying, but doable. I mean, on average, you'll have to deal with this 2.5 times in your life and once its over, its over. But my new theory is that the entire reproductive cycle of a woman has been cursed. Before the fall, do you think once a month Eve got all psycho-bitch on Adam and all the animals? Not in Paradise, I'm sure.

So, I blame Eve. She just had to eat that apple and now I am stuck with monthly psychotic episodes where I take my family hostage, say the most horrible things to the people I love the most, and turn innocent remarks into attacks on my personhood which must be violently defended. Oh joy. Not to mention all the other lovely "inconveniences" that go along with a healthy female reproductive system.

At least it won't last my entire life. Eventually, the whole system will start to shut down and then I'll enter into a whole new kind of CRAZY. Mmmmm... I love being a girl.