Dr. Splinter, D.D.S.

King had a splinter the other day, which Curtis removed. He was able to get it out by primarily using a tweezers, but he did have to implement the dreaded NEEDLE a couple of times. I cannot fully describe to you the screaming that occurred during this process. If the neighbors heard, which I don't know how they couldn't, I'm sure it sounded as though we were performing an amputation using a butter knife.

A few days later, I asked King what it was like having his splinter taken out.

"It was like going to the dentist."

"Have you ever been to the dentist?"


"Then how do you know?"

"They pull your teeth out."

"What!? No they don't. They just look at them and clean them."

"No. No. No. Your teeth get loose."

"No, honey, that happens at home."

Now, I really can't wait to bring him to the dentist.