Word #1, Sort of.

For those of you keeping score at home, here's an update on our mission to get Mike to say 10 words by April, so that we can avoid any more embarrassing pediatrician visits.

Michael loves to pretend to talk on the telephone. He carries it around on his shoulder (upside down) and carries on a conversation, complete with all the right inflections, but no real words, of course.

Mike says, "Ay Oh?" into the back of the phone.

I think he's trying to say "Hello". That counts. Right? I get out the word checklist we got from the doctor, which is impressively titled "Language Development Survey". I put an "x" next to "hi, hello". I scan the page for another word we can check off. Nothing.

Curtis jumps in and tries to get Mike to say something.

"Michael say 'dog'."

Mike turns, looks at Curtis and says very plainly, "Haba haba we wa wohem."

"No. Say 'dog'."

"Haba haba we wa wohem."

"Michael, say 'dog'-- daah-guuh."

"Haba haba we wa wohem."

I pipe in, "I think he's saying, 'Leave me alone. I'm not your monkey.'"