I Was Wearing My Glass Slippers When I Stepped in Something.

A little over two years ago I was sitting on my bed holding a pregnancy test which told me I was expecting my second child. I had been divorced only ten months and had been dating Curtis for eight.  Not exactly the fairy tale you dream about as a little girl. For my second wedding I think I'll wear a maternity dress and I'll have morning-sickness so bad that even the catered potatoes will taste like bile. But this was reality and I was seriously scared.

I was still feeling like a failure from my first marriage and I felt especially guilty about my son. I had taken his daddy away and now I was plunging him into this situation. How many lives can one woman screw-up in the course of a year?

I looked over at Curtis, then twenty-six years old, and he was smiling. SMILING!? Was he crazy?  In shock? Does he not understand what this means?

You know, I think he would have asked me to marry him that night if he had thought it wouldn't put me over the edge. He was faced with marriage to a divorcee, six-and-a-half, sometimes seven, years his senior, who already had a child by another man and he never even flinched. With that smirk on his face he pledged his never ending love and loyalty to me and my son and he hasn't looked back since. He plowed into this instant family with instant problems like it was the mission he had been training for all his life. I was floored then, and I am amazed today.

You know what was really wrong with those fairy tale dreams I had as a little girl? I wasn't dreaming big enough. The things that God wanted for me and had planned for my life were better than I could imagine. There is absolutely no way I would or could have gotten to this place on my own. You can try and try, and work your hands raw arranging your life the way you want it, but it will always fall short of God's desires for you. We simply cannot dream that big.

God took my wreck-of-a-life and said, "You are my sweet daughter of light. Even though you cannot see your worth, I am going to give you a glimpse of the place you belong." God's grace and mercy on me have been overwhelming. I asked for a way out, but He gave me a way home. His greatness and faithfulness have turned my colossal failures into little stones on a path that leads toward a magnificent kingdom.

Happy Anniversary, Curtis.