The Devil Went Down to Georgia

As I was driving Mike to school the other day, listening to the traffic report on the radio, he exclaims:

"The Traffic Lady said, 'The devil showed up in traffic'!"

I didn't hear that, so had no idea how to explain what she really said or meant. I just gave my standard reply to ridiculous, but potentially amusing five-year-old utterances: "Really?"

"Is the devil here in Atlanta?"

Beginning of another theological discussion with my child for which I am utterly unprepared...

"Yes, he is, but he is everywhere (oops... devil is not omnipresent...must rephrase). I mean, he shows up everywhere, he can get around pretty quickly and he's got a lot of guys... demons... working for him."

"If I met the devil, I would beat him." Mike proceeds with a flurry of elaborate punching, karate-chopping and kung-fu kicking motions and sounds from the back seat.  Perhaps, we should have named him "Napoleon".

"Well, now, the devil is very strong and tricky. You are not strong enough to beat the devil on your own. You need Jesus' strength and power in you to beat the devil."

Michael is silent for a few minutes, processing and assimilating this information.

"Okay, I would just beat him to the ground and God could finish him off."

Right. Something like that.