What do Jesus, Andy Warhol and Carol Channing Have in Common?

King had to do a biography book report at school. It had to be on somebody famous who has had a positive impact on the world. I thought, "Well, Jesus, of course!" But doing a book report on the Bible seemed a bit ambitious, so King made the obvious second choice: Andy Warhol.

The assignment included a written report, an oral presentation with visuals, and each student had to come to school dressed as their biographical subject. To King's utter disappointment, we could not find a picture of Mr. Warhol wearing anything but a shirt and tie. As he was lamenting the fact that his "out of uniform" day was being totally ruined, I added salt to his wounds by commenting, "We should have stuck with Jesus - he got to walk around in his bathrobe all day."

King settled for wearing a non-uniform shirt and tie with jeans and sneakers. I found one of my wigs (yes, I have a collection of wigs) and hacked the hair down from a page-boy to a bowl-cut. We popped the lenses out of a pair of my sunglasses, and voila... Carol Channing!