Halloween Redux

Halloween proved to be as crazy as ever this year.

Even though I bought several new ninja weapons for Mike, he ended up putting together a zombie costume.

Drools black. Bleeds red. Eats brains.


And even though I bought King a Grim Reaper costume, in which he found himself in several ironic situations...

A cold day in hell.


"What? Doesn't Death carry your pom-poms for you?"


He ended up going the zombie route, too.

Not into ghouls.


*Note to self: no more store-bought costumes.

Usually, Curtis dresses as "The Greatest Dad in the Whole World" (a.k.a himself) for Halloween. This year he surprised me. As he took the kids out to trick-or-treat, I caught sight of him looking a lot like Dora the Explorer.

"Backpack! Backpack! Can you say, 'Cerveza'?"


As it does every year, the amount of trick-or-treaters which crowded our street, driveway and front steps amazed us. We had over a thousand pieces of candy to give out, but with crowds like these...

... we still ran out of candy by 8:00 p.m.

The morning after.


Halloween exhausts me. Maybe next year we'll go to someone else's neighborhood.