A Traditional Fourth of July

I remember when my eldest son, King, was in kindergarten he had to fill out a take-home sheet telling about his family's "traditions". We were hard pressed to come up with anything other than things like, "We pray before meals." and "We get together with friends and family on holidays." (although, even that is not a given). We ended up writing, "We watch AFV every Sunday night." Our lameness was embarrassing.

We've come a long way in our traditions since then and one of my favorites is our yearly trek up to the North Georgia Mountains to celebrate Independence Day with Curtis' parents at their cabin.

Our weekend is filled with relaxing at the cabin, floating down the Toccoa River in neon-pink inner-tubes, and shooting at stuff* off the back deck.

*only inanimate objects were harmed in the making of this photograph.

But on Saturday night, we head down to Lake Blue Ridge for the fireworks show.

Nana always buys the boys Sno-Kones (and whatever else they have a hankering for, God bless her).


There are plenty of rednecks...

Oh...Hi, Honey!

Grandma Jessie comes, too. She's so awesome, I can't even tell you.

Honestly, this little town has one of the best fireworks shows I've ever seen. I'm sure there are bigger productions out there, but what sets this show apart is your proximity to the launching pad.

"BEYOND THIS POINT" is not totally off limits; it is actually packed with people. The yellow caution tape that marks "THIS POINT" is really just an insurance line, I think, where the fireworks company's liability ends and anything that happens to you is your own fault. There is another line even closer that you really can't cross. It's where the magic happens and is also where the firetrucks and ambulances park.

What does all this mean? These fireworks are CLOSE! Even behind the first caution line (where we sit) there is an added sense of danger to go with the inherent thrill of the fireworks. If you lay on your back and look up (which is what the boys and I do), the fireworks fill the sky above and you feel like they are going to fall ON you. It really is amazing.

Obviously, this doesn't do it justice.

We had a wonderful weekend making new memories and maybe even starting a few new traditions (which I hope to tell you about soon).

What are your favorite family traditions?