Blogs Never Lie

Conversations with King:


The whole family was in the car coming home from Blue Ridge. Curtis was annoyed with the headrest on his seat, frustrated trying to adjust it, and saying angry words.

King asked if he wanted him to help fix it.

Curtis said, "No! I want you not to dick around with it anymore in the first place! That's what I want!"

King replied,

I didn't DICK around with it!

We had to give him a pass on that one. We were laughing too hard, anyway.


I was reading old blog entries to the family yesterday. Some happened so long ago that we didn't even remember them. [I laughed so hard I cried reading this one.]

After about the third one Curtis said, "You made this stuff up! Didn't you?! I don't remember any this!"

King quickly responded,

It's on the blog; it must be true!