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The lazy days of summer are over. We are back to the school-week routine. (Well, we are trying to adjust to it.) We started school on Labor Day, because it seemed appropriate and because we could.

This picture was taken by our A.V. Club President, King, using a timer and a tripod.

My class size has doubled this year. My roster includes, King, now a sixth-grader (ouch), and our homeschool-newbie, Mike, who is in second grade. It has been both wonderful and challenging to add another person to the mix. Our conversations have livened up considerably, as Michael usually has some keen insight into most everything and is always willing to share.

For example:

While trying to figure out where to hang Laura Ingalls Wilder on our timeline:

This timeline is jacked-up!

In answer to the question, "What did you find interesting about Little House in the Big Woods, so far?":

I like Pa because he is a combination of Grandpa Mike and Pop. Grandpa Mike kills animals. Pop kills fish. But Pa kills both animals and fish. That's what I thought was interesting.

In answer to the question "What strikes you about the early history of astronomy?":

It struck me that Galilleo invented* the telescope. I thought Einstein invented the telescope, because he invented light**, so I thought he would have also invented the telescope. That really surprised me.

One of our new routines this year is for us all to take turns fixing lunch. Mike and King each prepare lunch two days a week, and I am responsible for Friday's lunch. Apart from Mike wanted to serve a lunch consisting entirely of pretzels and Nutella dip, it has been a great success. The boys seem to enjoy the task, and I enjoy the break.

King's lovely lunch stylings.

I have also decided to try to spend more time outdoors this year, so when weather and time permit, we take our lunch outside.

Homeschool recess.

We've had our share of challenges, as well. In general, it has been difficult for all three of us to get back into the rigor of school. King has taken exception to the fact that Michael get's let out of school early, while he has to continue with more classes each day (like grammar, citizenship, composition, etc.).

I laid out the reasoning for him:

You are in sixth grade; he is in second grade.

Mike chimed in,

That actually makes sense.

King strongly disagreed.

There were even a few tears. 

These were Mike's tears on his math book, however they were not shed because of math. The class before math was Bible and Mike was complaining about how tired he was. As I was reading aloud, I glanced up at him to find his head tilted back and his eyes closed as though sleeping. He was pretending to sleep. Seriously?

Before school that morning, King couldn't find his shoes. It's an eternal problem, it seems. It's time to go somewhere or start something and suddenly all shoes head for impossible hiding spots. I couldn't even find them. We were so perplexed as to where they could have gone that I actually put a call into Curtis at work to see if perhaps he had thrown them away because they were left lying around the night before. He didn't answer, so I left a message. Later, King suddenly remembered that he had put them in the costume chest in the closet. Of course.

When Curtis finally did call back regarding the shoe issue, I put him on the phone with Mike. That's where the tears came from. Dad has little patience for boys who don't "handle their business" (like not paying attention in Bible and pretending to fall asleep). He especially doesn't like it when said boys' lack of discipline makes for a stressed out wife that he has to deal with when he gets home. Dad's little talk to Mike over the phone could be heard by me and even by King in the next room. I clearly heard Curtis' parting words to Mike,

"I love you, now go work your ass off!"

Welcome to Homeschool, boys.


*Galilleo did not invent the telescope, but he did make his own.

**He meant "lightbulb".