A Picture Perfect Christmas

The boys embelished the "Christ" candle
with their names, a Christmas tree, and a Santa hat.


At the beginning of this Christmas season I wrote about how we were late getting started with our Advent candle lighting and how my best laid plans for beautiful moments often end up as cautionary tales. But then I posted twenty-five days of cute little handmade needle-felted ornaments depicting twenty-five names of Jesus. This may have given you the impression that I indeed had it all together, and that we are over-flowing with dreamy, cute-as-pie family moments over here. That is so not the case.

Let me begin by confessing that while I was faithful about posting a name of Jesus each and every day, I was not so faithful about actually hanging them on the tree with the boys. We were consistently three to five days behind. Ironically, blogging about the wonderful things you are going to do with your children often supersedes actually doing them.

I thought it would be appropriate to close this holiday season, much as I began it, by posting a highlight video of this years' annual Christmas day advent candle lighting ceremony.