My Impulsive Goat Purchase

On Thursday I went to the farm store to get milk and eggs and pork chops. I came home with all of that, plus three goats. They are our first livestock on the farm.

Three Goats in a Mini-Van.JPG

It was an impulsive purchase. One that was not cleared with my husband. I texted him the picture of the goats in the back of the mini-van along with the word "sorry". He was not pleased, but not really all that surprised either. How long can a woman last on a farm in the spring without buying baby animals that are right there in front of her for sale and everything?

I am not going to say how much I paid for the trio, as I really don't want to know whether or not I got a good deal. As I said, this was an impulse buy which by definition excludes logical considerations like price; and the fact that the main pasture fence isn't installed yet; and the fact that we are going on vacation in two weeks; and the fact that two of the goats are uncastrated males and may impregnate the three-month-old female at any moment. 

Let's just look at their cuteness and think about that, because that's what I did.


Goat #1



This is one of the male goats. He is the only one who has been named, so far. Mike came up with the name, "LaChonky". He is a Pygmy goat. I'm not sure of his age (one of those pesky details one forgets to ask during an impulsive purchase). He has proven to be the feistiest and most charismatic of the bunch.

Here he is doing an impression of Curtis finding out I bought three goats without talking to him first:

Oh, snap!

Oh, snap!


Goat #2

Male Lamancha Pygmy Cross.JPG

This is the other male. He is a cross between a Lamancha and a Pygmy goat. I believe he is three months old and twin brother to the female. He is also "intact", as they say, and could possibly impregnate his sister (another pesky detail). He is the most skittish of the three and scoots away when we try to pet him. We are working hard to win him over.


Goat #3

Femaie Lamancha Pygmy Cross.JPG

This is the little doeling. Like her brother she is a three-month-old Lamancha-Pygmy cross. The Lamancha breed is a dairy-type goat, so perhaps when she is older we will have her bred and try her as a milk goat. She is as cute as a button and sweet as can be. My favorite for sure.

I wanted to introduce you to the new members of the farm, but you can expect more goat pictures and stories soon, starting with my search for a vet who will castrate the two bucks.

Goodbye, Little Dog

Sleeping Makena.JPG

I said goodbye to an old friend yesterday. We made the difficult decision to put down our Jack Russell terrier, Makena. She was fifteen years old and suffering from kidney failure. She went to sleep peacefully in my arms and died painlessly with her head in my hands. We buried her close by under an old oak tree.

Under the Old Oak Tree.JPG

In her prime she was twelve pounds of spring-loaded muscle. She was our little cartoon dog. Even though she was small, she was as tough as nails and had an attitude that was ten feet tall. She was so tenacious, I thought perhaps she might outlive us all by an act of sheer will and determination. Her years caught up with her in the end, but she went out with grace, which is what I wanted for her.

 Goodbye, little dog. I will miss your little kisses, but not your bad breath.

Makena Under Blue Sheets.JPG

The Worst Dog Sitters Ever

While watching Curtis' parents' dog, Shelby, I noticed that her face was looking a little weird.

I deduced that the spots on her face were hives.

Michael exclaimed, his voice full of concern,

We are the worst dog sitters ever!

We were able to control the hives with regular doses of childrens' liquid cherry flavored antihistamine, but they always came back as soon as the medicine wore off.

Cherry Antihistamine Sunrise


We never did figure out what was causing the hives, but they went away as soon as she went back to her own home.

I guess she was allergic to us.

Is this love?

Feral Jane, resting two feet away from me when she usually won't come within ten.

Why? Does she love me now? Has she forgiven me for stealing her kittens? For kidnapping her and getting her spade, without her consent?

I think not. She is hungry and I've usually put food out for her by now. Just a little, just enough for her, but not enough for her idiot boyfriend who eats like a drunken steam-shovel operator and squirts his stink all over his "territory" i.e. my house.

What Jane does not know is that the dogs are out of food, too. And the pet food store is closed. So the dogs got HER food.

That was the last of the kitten food, that I was giving to her while she had the kittens (and while I had her trapped and she couldn't pillage garbage cans and rodent communities). That food is gone, and now the question is: do I buy more?

We are at a crossroads, Jane and I. I never wanted this relationship to start. I was forced into it for the kittens sake. And now, I'm not sure I want this relationship to continue. I'm not sure I like where it's going. How healthy can a relationship based on guilt and food-dependance be, really?

But there she sits, looking all peaceful, like a nice cat who loves me.

It's a lie. We both know it.