Urban Nature Walk

Mr. Weasel and I are not city people. Nor are we explorers. We are quite content site-seeing from our semi-surburban front porch. Leave it to our hip friends at Casablanca to get us out and about to enjoy the urban backroad of Atlanta known as the "Beltline Corridor".

Three Littles in a Big World. 


Woven Willow Hut with a Swing.

"Oh, Hi. Welcome to my hut. Please don't touch anything; we don't know where it's been."


Through the Willow Nest Window


City Sisters


Jethro came with his short legs for the long walk.


Everybody say, "BACKHOE!"


So many treasures to be found. "Look, Mom! Dried mud!"


Such a lovely evening with friends, but it's getting dark and Mama's getting nervous.