A friend of mine introduced me to the iPhone app Cinemagram, which you can use to create animated GIF files, or little moving picture files made from movie clips. I find the medium to be sometimes cool and funny, and at other times annoying and head-ache inducing.

I've already shared one of our barn falling down (then coming back up, then down again, then up again...) on Facebook.

I also included one in a previous post, showing Curtis cutting Mike's hair. This one was created using a different app called Giffer. Giffer converts a series of still photos (instead of video) into a animated GIF file. Also, the Giffer GIF files can be downloaded onto your camera roll and don't have to be shared with the public or hosted on an external site like the Cinemagram GIFs do.

Do you have a headache yet?

I think animated GIFs are best in small doses. So I will show you one more and then be done, for now. Here is a nice, calm GIF which is less likely to send you into a seizure.

This kind of GIF is called a Cinemagraph. The difference is that you can select only certain parts of the image to move, while the rest of the image stays still. Pretty cool, huh?

[My techie explanations are attempts at giving you the general idea about animated GIF files. It is very likely that I don't know what I'm talking about, so don't quote me. However, I do stand by my statement: "Pretty cool, huh?" You can quote me on that.]