Halloween Redux

Halloween proved to be as crazy as ever this year.

Even though I bought several new ninja weapons for Mike, he ended up putting together a zombie costume.

Drools black. Bleeds red. Eats brains.


And even though I bought King a Grim Reaper costume, in which he found himself in several ironic situations...

A cold day in hell.


"What? Doesn't Death carry your pom-poms for you?"


He ended up going the zombie route, too.

Not into ghouls.


*Note to self: no more store-bought costumes.

Usually, Curtis dresses as "The Greatest Dad in the Whole World" (a.k.a himself) for Halloween. This year he surprised me. As he took the kids out to trick-or-treat, I caught sight of him looking a lot like Dora the Explorer.

"Backpack! Backpack! Can you say, 'Cerveza'?"


As it does every year, the amount of trick-or-treaters which crowded our street, driveway and front steps amazed us. We had over a thousand pieces of candy to give out, but with crowds like these...

... we still ran out of candy by 8:00 p.m.

The morning after.


Halloween exhausts me. Maybe next year we'll go to someone else's neighborhood.

The Bride of Frankenstein and Other Scary Things

I am a notoriously violent sleeper.

By day... I am all sweetness and light.

[family eye-rolling]

By night... you better watch your back.

[family head-nodding]

I kick, scream, hit, and curse in my sleep. Usually, my violence is directed outwardly, but recently I've begun attacking myself. Literally.

This is the second time I've tried to scratch my face off in my sleep in as many months. I'm considering wearing mittens to bed. Curtis suggested I go as the Bride of Frankenstein for Halloween. Thanks, Honey.


Other scary news from the week:

King got a referral to an orthodontist. [Shudder]


Also, I saw this interesting Halloween decoration in the neighborhood:

Amusing? Disturbing? Puzzling? Yes.


Finally, we are expecting thousands of trick-or-treaters tonight. It is truly scary. We can't afford to buy "good" candy for the masses, so I buy bulk piñata candy.

This is 1000 pieces. We'll be lucky if we don't run out by 9 p.m. Seriously.

Happy Halloween!