I'm Not as Cool as I'd Once Hoped


I was invited to a Girls Night IN (friend's husband and kids were out of the house) in my neighborhood. It was a themed potluck: Summer Salads. I brought this:

Tossed Coconut, Banana Chip and Pecan "Salad" (aka trail mix).


To supplement (or make up for) my not-a-summer-salad, I also brought beer and a Dera Frances. We went together to the local liquor store. When I say local, I really mean "ghetto". Dera found her wine, no problem, cuz she's cool like that. There was not a huge selection of beer, but still I was overwhelmed. I usually buy Budwieser because it's the King of Beers and I don't care. But I decided that these ladies, just might care and I was trying to overcome my trail mix. Finally, I held up a six pack and shouted to Dera across the store,

"Is THIS beer cool?!"

So not cool.


I just downloaded this app:

So that I can understand what all the cool people are saying on the internets, and so that I won't be this mom:


Source: tumblr.com via Sarah on Pinterest



Exhibit D:

What I wore the other day.

I, personally, think this is cool (although the face I was making while sucking in my gut was not). According to my eighty "followers" on Instagram, however, not so much. Four* people "liked" it (over an eight hour period). To put that into perspective...

Within fifteen minutes, this picture of our neighbor cutting down our tree got seven "likes". Not that it's a contest (but I guess it totally is).

WTF! Well that's fantastic!


*Shout out to @julmorg, @khannah, @lpink75, and @barefootgal: Thanks for the Southern Rawk love, or the sympathy "likes". Either way, xoxo!