Weblinks: Harlem Shake, Thrift Shop, and Rednecks in Trucks

My husband, Curtis, is much more up-to-date with current happenings and trends than I am. He commented once that my web-links were not very "cutting edge". So I asked him to contribute. Here's what is trending and interesting, according to Curtis.

DISCLAIMER: I take absolutely no responsibility whatsoever for any of this content. Except for the cute dog at the end. That's all me.

The Harlem Shake

A week ago this video appeared on YouTube. (Please don't feel bad if you can't stand to watch the whole thing. I couldn't.)

Since then it has gotten over seven million views and has inspired people all over the world to video themselves doing the Harlem Shake, including the Norwegian army and Jeff Gordon. Curtis finds the progression of these viral videos very interesting, in a sort of anthropological sense. 

You can search YouTube for more videos, if you wish.

Thrift Shop

For the past couple of weeks Curtis has been obsessed with pop music. I think it is akin to being unable to stop yourself from staring at an accident scene on the highway. At least I hope it is nothing more than that. For the time being, it has made family car rides where Dad controls the radio much more interesting. (Pop music makes me annoyed and aggressive. Who knew?) The song that started Curtis' "pop" phase was Thrift Shop by Macklemore.

"Here, Honey, hold my beer while I try something."

Another of Curtis' picks for today's web-links is a video of a pickup truck going over a jump. It is going way too fast. It ends badly. Enjoy!

Swims with Dolphins

After that, I think we could use a little detox. How about a dog swimming with dolphins?

Ah.... that's better.

So, what do you think? Would you like to hear more of Curtis' picks for the latest and greatest on the interwebs?

It's okay. You can say, "yes". I know you still love me.